Your Gift at Work

The support and generosity of our donors has enabled Summer Street to build and equip two facilities comprising of over 30,000 square feet. It is also at the heart of our ability to create a better life for people with intellectual disability through a variety of services including: 


Vocational Services

Facility-based programs offer a variety of individualized training opportunities in work skills and job related interpersonal skills, habits and attitudes required to be successful in work settings. Approaches include: workplace education, workplace wellness, and pre-employment opportunities (volunteering, career exploration, job sampling, job shadowing, mobile work crew, work stations). 


Personal Development Services

These facility-based programs offer a variety of individualized training opportunities to maximize personal potential. Programs focus on the development of competencies in areas such as communications, personal development, functional academics, problem solving and health and safety. Approaches include: activities of daily living, life skills enhancement, workplace wellness, workplace education, vocational activities and more. 


Employment Services

Facility and non-facility based programs provide opportunities to achieve employment for people with disability. Approaches include: workplace wellness, workplace education, entrepreneurship, contracting, supported employment, enclaves, volunteerism, educational upgrading, work crews, follow-along support, job development, job coaching, employment counselling, etc. 


Wellness Services

Facility and non-facility based activities promote a healthy lifestyle. Approaches include: nutrition, fitness, personal health (emotional, sexual, self-esteem, relationships, etc.) 



Facility and non-facility based programs are designed to improve literacy. Approaches include: Nova Scotia Department of Education Adult Literacy, workplace education, customized training, school-to-work, adaptive technology and secondary & post secondary levels. 


Highlights of what donor support has achieved to-date:  

  • Construction of two modern facilities that enable staff to provide innovative programs that improve the lives of our clients.
  • Installation of a state-of-the-art computer lab where clients receive computer training.
  • Installation of a Snoezelen Room where clients can learn and enjoy relaxation techniques.
  • Assistance in the establishment of social enterprises that provide employment for clients.
  • New generations are taught employment skills that enable them to obtain employment in the community.
  • Educational items and learning materials can be purchased and provided that help people with an intellectual disability achieve a better quality of life.